I've been laying kind of low over the last couple of weeks for a couple of reasons. The first being that it was Christmas and I wanted to spend all my time with my family. The second reason is that I've been sick and haven't had a lot of energy to do much. BUT I managed to make a card yesterday that I will be sharing Friday - then spent the rest of the day hunkered down on the couch watching You on Netflix with my daughter. It was a good day. Then spent a quiet evening at home with my husband and our dog who was not happy about all the fireworks that were being set off right behind our house. 
I decided to start the year off looking back at what I accomplished with my cards in 2019 and what I want to accomplish for 2020. It was going to be too long of a post so I decided to split in two. I'm sharing the first half of the year today and I'll be back tomorrow with the second half of the year.

I love all the texture on this card and the way that the keys turned out.

The sentiment. Need I say more - it's fantastic. And I love the stripes.

I love the looks of 'oh crap' on the cats faces.

I love the rustic feel of this card pairing those flowers with that woodgrain background and that sentiment is so true!

Is it okay to say that I had a hard time choosing for May. Catherine Pooler Designs came out with so many awesome products this month.
I chose this card as it was a labor of love.

Here is the video for the card above.

I chose two cards for June - both on the same post which is convenient.
I love this ice cream truck from Catherine Pooler Designs - it's so cute!

and these flowers are so pretty. And again, love the sentiment! Catherine Pooler Designs nailed it in the sentiment department this year!

Instead of linking to all the products for each card just click on the highlighted month and it will take you to the post for that card.

I also want to say a big
to all of you!
Thank you for reading my posts and leaving me comments. I read and appreciate every one of them and every one of you.

Here's to an awesome year!

Happy Stampin'
and thanks so much for visiting!