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StampNation and The Gifting Ball

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I often talk about StampNation and all the inspiration that
flows from that site. But it's not only inspiration that you'll find
at StampNation. It's friendship too!

I have found the most amazing group of ladies there - friendly,
funny, encouraging, thoughtful and oh so supportive. We are truly a
group of friends, from all over the world, who have found
a place to gather and share not only our creative journeys,
but our personal ones too. I have never met any of them in
person (yet) but consider so many of them my friends.

Have you heard of a Gifting Ball?
I had never heard of one before but I was very
intrigued by a post one of the members of
 StampNation started.

Circle of Friends "Gifting Ball"

gifting ball is floating around visiting our SN sistahs. The purpose of the ball is simply to remind its recipient how much they are loved by the family. It's not a means of giving monetary gifts unless it's some small token or something to be used in our craft. The first one I ever received had a butterfly in it with the message, "Spread your wings and fly"
Just something thoughtful to bring a smile.

There is one on its way from North Carolina to Australia for our Aussie sistahs to pass, and also one is on its way to someone in the states. Please don't drop the ball. I think it would be so interesting to watch them go across the states and beyond. Thanks for humoring me, I know when I received them, it made me feel really special. These are not new ones but ones that have been circulating for years so if they appear tarnished, just know that's from many many happy hands who have opened it before you.

Here is a picture of what was in the gifting ball 
when I received it.

I literally squealed with delight when I opened it and saw
all the amazing things inside!  It most definitely brought a smile
to my face. I couldn't wait to fill it and pass it on to another one
of my SN 'sistahs'.  It is now very full and ready to be
mailed - I can't wait to see if the person I chose to send
it to likes it. It was as much fun to fill as it was to open.
I'll be sending it out first thing on Monday morning.

Now to play with all my new goodies :) :) :)

Happy Stampin'


Unknown said…
Gotta love that Gifting Ball and the joy it brings! I had as much fun filling it as receiving it, too! StampNation is the best!
Kristie Goulet said…
LOVE the Gifting Ball! Such a great idea that Debbie came up with. It is so much fun receiving it and filling and sending off to another Sistah! Yay! for StampNation! ♥
Tinstar said…
I love how everyone is getting amazing heartfelt gifts in that ball and they are all so very different. Can't wait to see what you create with these goodie Susan.
Lynn Fletcher said…
It sure would be interesting to find out who gets the Gifting Ball next. Hope it comes back to Canada.
Unknown said…
Yes it is very special to be part of the circle of the gifting ball, I had never heard of it either so was thrilled when I received it and was excited to fill it an pass it on to the next sistah♥
Susan Powell said…
It's the gift that keeps on giving. And it comes in such a pretty package too! It should be arriving at the next house any day now :) :) :)
Heather North said…
Wow, your ball was stuffed with awesomeness!!! I think this is an amazing gift being passed around.
Susan Powell said…
I sure hope the person I sent it too likes all the stuff I put in it.