gifting ball is floating around visiting our SN sistahs. The purpose of the ball is simply to remind its recipient how much they are loved by the family. It's not a means of giving monetary gifts unless it's some small token or something to be used in our craft. The first one I ever received had a butterfly in it with the message, "Spread your wings and fly"
Just something thoughtful to bring a smile.

There is one on its way from North Carolina to Australia for our Aussie sistahs to pass, and also one is on its way to someone in the states. Please don't drop the ball. I think it would be so interesting to watch them go across the states and beyond. Thanks for humoring me, I know when I received them, it made me feel really special. These are not new ones but ones that have been circulating for years so if they appear tarnished, just know that's from many many happy hands who have opened it before you.