Did you pick your new Canvo yet?
It was hard to decide but I went with the plaid one - I love the travel theme of the inside page.

I'll be honest with you - I kind of stepped away from using my Canvo lately. I thought I was spending too much time on decorating it rather than on the the things I was keeping track of in it. BUT when I wasn't using it I was way less organized SO I'm starting fresh with a new one and it feels great! I'm going to allow myself one day to set up the month ahead and have fun with it which is what I did today and now I'm mostly set for the month. I say mostly because I want to make a few lists for shopping, gifts and menus but I'm going to do that tonight and maybe I'll share those with you tomorrow.

Here's my two page spread for December. Sometimes I just use one page but there's a lot going on this month so I opted for the full spread. 

One thing my Canvo has been great for is keeping me on track with some of my habits. I say some because some are easier than others to do. I've left a few to fill in if I think of more,

I love lists but I tend to lose them so I'm putting them all into my Canvo and I can always take a pic of the list I need with my phone if I need it and don't want to take my Canvo with me. This one is a work in progress - I covered a section because some people may see what's under that and Christmas is about surprises, right?

You may have noticed a theme to my pages. I'm using CP's It's a Boy ink along with My Favorite Things Polar Bear Pals and Art Impressions Penguin Cheer. I couldn't decide on one so I used both. I colored them in with my Prismacolor pencils. I also used CP's Bullet Journal Basics stamp set, the On My List Stencil and the Half Calendar Stencil.

I did all the weeks very similar to these two but I switched out the stamps. The previous two weeks were done with the Polar Bear Pals but this is already a long post so I thought I would just share these.

I like starting a new page for a new month and the thought of putting just 3 days on one page would've stressed me out. Thinking now I could have done that and then used the rest of the page for resolutions. That may have worked but I think I'm going to do one page for my goals for the new year - split it in two and do business goals and personal goals.

Now it's time for another cuppa chai and to fill these pages in.

Happy Stampin'
and thanks so much for visiting!


Shopping list:

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