March Canvo Spread and a Tip

It's amazing to me how much working in my Canvo can calm me. I'm not usually one to stress about things but I can get overwhelmed when I have a lot to do. I'm a PROcrastinator which causes me to get overwhelmed - I know it's an easy fix - or is it? If you're a procrastinator like me then you get it. Plus I'm not the most organized person (insert gasp here haha). I've had a goal for FOREVER to get myself organized and I always felt that a planner would magically make that happen - the problem is you have to use it. I would always start strong and then it would sit on the shelf. But my Canvo is not sitting on my shelf! It's getting used and it's fun! It goes everywhere with me. I get to be as creative as I want - some days are more than others but I'm using it!

The last few months I was doing one page spreads and it was working but I'm finding that the busier I get I need more space to write things down. Having it all crammed into one page was making me feel a little overwhelmed.

So here's my first 2 page spread.
(I forgot to take the pic before I started writing in it so excuse the scraps of paper covering things up)

With all the cold and windy weather we've been having I felt the need to pull out some tropical stamps and warm this page up.
I'm also trying a color-coding system to help make commitments stand out better.

I'm trying out a Coming Soon and Goals sections this month. I think if I see what commitments I have coming up it might help me to get them done early. I also want to give myself 3 goals every month. They could be anything but I think if I write them down and see them I may will achieve them. 

I'm going to make myself some tea and finish filling this spread out - including my goals. But before I go I have a little tip I want to share.
Do you use sticky notes in your planner? I like to use them when I have something happening but not sure of the date. I put it on a sticky note and into my calendar and when I know for sure what date it's happening I remove the sticky note and write it down. Somethings I just write in pencil but I like the bright sticky notes - it helps to not forget about whatever's written on it like I've done when I just write in pencil in my planner.
Okay, so here's the tip.
I bought one of those packages of sticky notes that's for putting in a ring binder. Well the Canvo doesn't have rings but it has a coil which when you add paper clips to the holes in the sticky notes and then put the other end through the coil of the Canvo...'ll always have your sticky notes with you! I love this idea.
You'll see above that I forgot to make an index so I used some washi tape and stuck some pages to the inside of my cover. 

Happy Stampin'
and thanks so much for visiting!

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