Yes You Can!

I took a bit of a break from social media and my blog over the holidays. I visited a little but mostly I stayed away to spend more time with my family. I was feeling a little guilty about ignoring my blog as much as I did but then decided it was okay to take a break.
Sometimes you need a break from things and that's okay.

I was thinking about New Year's resolutions and decided against making any really specific ones. 
What I decided to do this year is always tell myself

I have goals. 
I have had some of the same goals for quite some time but always found a reason to set them aside because I would tell myself I couldn't do them.

Not this year.

This year my focus, my resolution, is to tell myself that I can do it. When I start doubting myself I'm going to say 
I can achieve all the goals I've set out for myself because I'm worth it. I'm worth the time and effort that it will take.

And so are you!
Don't let negative talk stop you from what you want to achieve.
Make this the year you accomplish what you desire.
You can do it!

Yes You Can!