Time to Canvo!

I've been waiting patiently (sort of) for my Canvo and stamps by Catherine Pooler Designs to arrive in the mail. The rotating postal strikes were experiencing here in Canada delayed it a bit but they're in my craft room now just begging to be played with. I had to get some things done first but now it's time to play.

I'm thinking the first page I should do is a work schedule since I was an hour late today - oops! I changed my schedule up last week and thought I remembered what the changes were but apparently I didn't. I have a picture of it on my phone but I'm thinking I need it in my Canvo too.

Haven't heard of the Canvo?
Have you heard of bullet journaling? 
A bullet journal is basically a system that was originally created by Ryder Carroll to help you with being organized. It's a flexible system that allows your to personalize it to your style and needs.
I have been a fan of bullet journaling for a while now but wasn't completely happy with what I was using. The spine was an issue - the books never laid flat which made it difficult at times to work on and more often than not the ink would bleed through the page which would drive me crazy.

Introducing the Canvo from Catherine Pooler Designs!

The Canvo bullet journal solves those issues and more.

  • "Less ghosting – our thick, smooth journal pages can handle many mediums without bleeding, and love our ink…stamp away! (*water-based ink and markers are best!)
  • Spiral binding means your Canvo lays flat and can be turned back for ease of creating and planning.
  • Pre-numbered pages makes indexing easy and helps you stay organized
  • Wide pages give you more room to get creative with your spreads and add enough content for your busy schedule"

I'll share some pages in the next few days. I know I need to do a page that has my work schedule on it because I was an hour late for work today. I've never done that before. I changed some of my hours last week and forgot about one of the days - oops.
I also need to do some monthly spreads and some weekly spreads and a future log. I'd like to set up a gratitude page, a habit tracker, a page for birthdays for the whole year - I'm hoping that will help me with sending out cards and I've got ideas for other pages as well.

This would be a great gift for someone who is looking for that perfect way to organize their busy life. 
For someone who likes things very simple you really just need the Canvo and a good pen to get started. For those who want to be a little more creative the stamp sets would be perfect. And those mini inks too! I'm kind of regretting not ordering them right away.

Time for me to go play in my Canvo :)

Happy Stampin' 
and thanks so much for visiting!

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