Tuesday, November 27, 2018

December Canvo

I am loving my new CP Designs Canvo - the paper is perfect for coloring.
I was working on my layout for December and am in the process of filling it out. 
I thought I'd take a pic and share it with you before I add the personal stuff.

I like to do a whole month spread and then follow it up with weekly ones with my to-do lists.  Sometimes my weeks will have the same layout and then sometimes they vary. It really depends on what I feel like and if I have a lot going on or not. I'll share those with you in another post as I'm just setting them up now.

I tend to keep my months to one page instead of two. I make quick notes on the month spread and add more detailed info to the weekly spread. 
And of course I need to add some stamping and coloring and since Christmas is coming I chose to add some caroling penguins. I colored them in with my Prismacolor pencils - worked beautifully. I stamped some Christmas trees on the bottom. I added some shading on the boxes and on the base of the trees using a Copic marker - just so you know - they do bleed through the paper. I was using a light grey so it was very faint on the other side and doesn't bother me. 

Here's a close up pic that shows the bleed through - 

I'm curious. How do you all stay organized? Do you use a planner or bullet journal? Or perhaps you keep everything on your phone in an on-line organizer. Whichever way works for you, do you have any suggestions, tips or tricks that you swear by?

Happy Stampin'
and thanks so much for visiting!

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  1. Love how you made this work on one page....I want to try to do this exact idea...THANKS so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you June :) If you share on social media tag me - I'd love to see what you make.