Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Updates and a card

It's been a while since I've done any blogging, or stamping
or coloring or... well, anything crafty. As you may know, I took
a fall in January and wrecked my ankle. 
It's been a looong time healing. 
 Needless to say it has been very frustrating!

Tomorrow will be 9 weeks and I'm still hobbling around. 
But at least I'm getting around. 
 I went for a walk for the first time last week and boy did that feel good!

I work with primary students which keeps me moving. By the time I get
home my foot is swollen and begging to be put up and iced. So the
crafting has taken a back seat lately. At one point I even thought
I might sell off most of my supplies and quit the business side of 
stamping completely. But I'm not ready to do that just yet.
I've missed creating and all the people associated with it.

I have managed to make a few cards over the last 9 weeks,
but only a few. This one I made for a friend who does not use
the internet in any way. I know, shocker!! 
She doesn't own a computer or a cell phone!!
I don't get it - 
I'm sitting here working on my lap top while doing a puzzle on my ipad
and updating my contacts on my phone - yup I can multi-task haha
or is that a sign of something else???
All while enjoying a BIG cuppa chai!!

I worked with her last year and the joke was that her computer 
was an etch-a-sketch with a stack of post it notes. 
If we wanted to email her we would write it on a post it and stick
it to her etch-a-sketch. So of course when I saw this idea on
Pinterest I knew I had to make one for her birthday.

I've got all kinds of ideas for cards and things that I want to make and
share with you.
Also, I have some ideas on how I plan to change up the way I blog.

So stay tuned for more...

Happy Stampin'
and thanks so much for visiting!

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