Missing My Craftroom

I don't usually share too much here that's not card related
but I thought I would make an exception.

Some of you are aware that I had a little accident last week.
I slipped on some ice as I was leaving for work and hurt my ankle. 
Good news is it's not broken. 
Bad news is they don't know the extent of the damage.

I'm waiting to start physio and get a bone scan. The damage is
deeper than what can be seen in an x-ray.
It's been 10 days - 10 LONG days!!
Days of reading, netflix, games on my ipad and surfing the net and...


Since I haven't been able to get to my craft room (it's downstairs) I had 
some of my craft room brought to me. My daughter brought my 
printer upstairs for me so I've been printing and coloring up a storm 
with my blendabilites. I ordered the 4 new sets of colors and they should 
be here Monday or Tuesday - I can't wait to play with them!

I've managed to put together a couple of cards this week and even
entered a challenge. YAY!

I  was able to get the dr to fax a note to the principal of the school 
where I work saying I could go back on light duties. I work at an 
elementary school and one of my duties is to supervise the kids playing 
soccer on the upper field. In this weather and me on crutches it's too
dangerous so I won't be doing that for a while. 
Other than that I think (hope) I'm ready to go back. 

I'm not healed and won't be for a while but if I don't give it a try,
I won't know. If it's too much, well then I guess I'm back in my

Happy Stampin'
and thanks so much for visiting!


Cathy said…
Hope you are fully recovered soon Susan, Cathy x
Karren said…
I hope you get some answers and are back to normal soon. Glad you could bring at least some of your craft room to you to while away the hours.
Darnell said…
Oh, poor you, Susan! I once sprained my ankle so bad, they said it would have been easier if it had been a break, so I know a bit about how you feel. Of course, that was a hunnert years ago and they've come such a long way since then with physical therapy courses, so I'm sure you'll be up and around before you know it! In the meantime, it's wonderful that you can do some recliner-crafting and "get away" to your happy mental place at times!! I joined your blog a while back and I'm very tickled to see that you have begun to follow mine as well! I'll be introducing you in my next post. I wish you all the best in your recovery and I hope to see you again soon!! Hugs, Darnell
Anonymous said…
Your cards are beautiful. Wonderful colouring. Trust you are up and about soon.
Susan Powell said…
Thank you Karren :) At the rate I'm going all my crafting supplies will be upstairs taking over the dining room pretty soon haha
Susan Powell said…
thank you Darnell :) that's so sweet of you.