Fun with Blendabilities

I was determined to get back into my craft room this week and spend
some more time with the Blendabilities from Stampin' Up. My first
attempt at them wasn't as much fun or as successful as I would have
liked.  I've seen so many beautiful cards made with these pens that I 
was determined to figure them out! Well, I'm happy to say that I think
I have - what do you think?

Here are some tips that I learned that made the Blendabilities fun to 
work with.

1- start with the darkest color and outline the shape
2- take the medium color and in a circular motion add ink right next to the dark color pulling in some of the dark color leaving lots of white space (I hope that makes sense)
3- use the light color and fill in the rest of the shape pulling in the medium shade.
4- use the fine tip end of the marker NOT the paintbrush end 

I don't worry about where the light source is coming from - it's easier that way and I think it still looks good
For the smaller shapes I used only the medium and the light colors.

Happy Stampin'
and thanks so much for visiting!!