Embellish It!!

Over at StampNation the challenges never end.
Maureen posted a challenge recently to use 3 or more
embellishments on your card. Well, yesterday I made a card
for that challenge and I used 8 embellishments!

I didn't realize how many I was using while I was making it - I
just kept going "ooohhh I think I'll add..." and was quite
surprised when I finished and counted them up.
I think the trick to not making it appear as if there is an
embellishment explosion happening on this card is the fact that 
all the embellishments are rather neutral.

What's the most embellishments you've ever put on
a card?

card stock: confetti white
stamp set: loving thoughts (cas-ual fridays)
embellishments: gold baker's twine, watercolor wonder designer washi tape,
   gold sequin trim, natural linen, linen thread, basic pearls, 
   gold key (source unknown), a piece of a cardboard box

Happy Stampin'
and thank you for visiting!


Heather North said…
It's hard to stop once you start embellishing, isn't it? :) I have no idea which card of mine was most embellished. Perhaps this one...http://heatherscreativeblessings.blogspot.com/2013/09/elegant-birthday.html